Features of Miracle 5 EVs

Why Electric Vehicles are Unique:

  • 1) Eco Friendly Way to Commute: An environmentally friendly way of commuting is what human beings have always been looking for, as a scientific progression or simple human benevolence, and electric bikes offer us just that.
  • 2) Zero Pollution: Since there is no petrol usage in the bike, zero pollution and zero smoke and other hazardous chemicals are emitted.
  • 3) No Time Waste for Filling Fuel: Petrol usage is practically zero, so no more trips to the petrol pump and standing in long queues, when you can just charge your batteries on the go!
features of miracle5 e bike
features of miracle5 e bike
  • 4) Giving Future Generations Pollution-Free World: Sustainability Goals outlined in numerous UN conferences urge us human beings to exemplify sustainable usage of materials as much as we can so that the future generations can also have abundant resources as we are used to..
  • 5) Simple to Use: Easy to maintain, practically child's play to use. Using an electric bike is so simple and hassle-free that it can be understood and operated on minutes.
  • 6) Easy to Maintain: No petrol certainly has its profits regarding the maintenance of the bike. Due to the absence of fuel, hazardous gases which corrode the material gradually of a normal bike are not released. Hence, no more spending tons of money on maintenance!
  • 7) No Oil and Maintenance Required: Oil and maintenance comes into the picture when petrol fueled bikes are into use. Cut down on thousands and thousands of oil expenditures, and plug into Miracle 5 to save your futures!


  • 1) Remote central lock with anti-theft alarm system: Worrying about the safety of your bike is not even a thing anymore! With a state-of-the-art remote-control system, start, locate and stop your bike with a single touch. If in an area with high levels of theft probabilities, use our efficient anti-theft alarm system, one that alerts those around against thievery.
  • 2) Rear wheel jamming: Electric Vehicles are almost always free from the vices of rear wheel jams since they are uniformly electrically wired rather than with simple, breakable mechanical pieces.
  • 3) One-year Comprehensive insurance: We, at Miracle 5, introduce a one-year intensive insurance at additional costs if any accidents occur due to problems in the Electric Vehicles, all for your safety since customer is our first priority.
features of miracle5 e bike
space and more

Space and More!

  • 4) Ample space to carry goods: Miracle 5 EVs offer even more luggage space in comparison to any other EV type, our customers have told us that over and over!
  • 5) Puncture free rides: We can all agree that the roads in India are more than terrifying, however, we assure you that with our scooters, your rides will be puncture free since we use only tubeless tires.


  • 1) Our team at Miracle 5 brings you India's first e-scooter with front telescopic suspension for better shock absorbent tendencies.
  • 2) Front Telescopic suspension for extra safety and smooth drive on poor roads which are in abundance.
features of miracle5 e bike
space and more

One tube? More like two!

  • 3) Rear twin oil filled telescopic tubes to have better rear suspension. Oil filled telescopic tubes offer a better control on shocks since the liquid inside manages to absorb most of the shocks and damages.


  • 1. Long lasting and strong motors for more efficient and longer rides.
  • 2. No extra expenditure on maintenance since bike is electrically wired, and not petrol based.
  • 3. At Miracle 5 we offer a warranty on our motors and controllers for a two-year Warranty.
features of miracle5 e bike
space and more

30,000 is a big number, right?

  • 4. We also offer a warranty on the battery for 6 months + 6 months pro rata since we can vouch that the battery life can reach up to the levels of 20000 kms
  • 5. With electric bikes you can now save Rs: 30,000/- in a single year due to the lack of extra, unnecessary expenditure.
  • 6. We also offer an excellent after sales service to match our top-notch products.


  • 1. In just Rs-180/- per month you can now drive for 1000 kilometers without any interruptions!
  • 2. Electric Bikes offer a smooth drive over Fly-overs, bridges, slopes etc.
  • 3. You can now avail a mileage of 60kmp/h per charge.
  • 4. Cost of charging is only for Rs: 6/-
features of miracle5 e bike
space and more


We offer a range of electric bike competencies from using the EV for deliveries to going for long drives in the sunset. Rides and drives have never been easier than this. Be what it may, a multitude of uses have their own benefits.

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